Known for her patience and bringing pictures alive, Ravina enjoys documenting the lives of children and their families.

She works with natural lighting because she believes it helps capture the natural beauty of children. With children, there can be no better environment than their own surroundings, their own homes, their own friends at school and their favourite rides in a park.

Her inherent rapport with children helps her connect with these “little subjects”, and her experience with the camera makes for some truly memorable moments captured forever.

​"Each family I meet is special and as we connect before and during our sessions, we together gently uncover what makes you you. There is beauty to be found in every single thing...and so there are no typical poses which I work session is like any other. The time we spend together is awesome fun and I continue to be lucky to meet so many new people and develop special friendships along the way. As I capture some of the moments of your child, I also get the opportunity to discover and be part of a child's world, and it always leaves me feeling much younger and alive."