Children Photography Session

As we watch our lil' ones grow and spend family fun time together, we often wish we could freeze some of these moments. My aim is to help create these memories for you through photographs that tell stories to last a lifetime.

This session is best done outdoors at a location near your place. The photo shoot usually takes around 3-4 hrs. 

​​Newborn sessions are best done in the first month. The session focusses on capturing the pure innocence of your lil' ones in special newborn poses and family shots which reflect the loving bond shared between the family. The newborn will be in little or no clothing and I will use simple props such as baskets, wraps, caps and hairbands.

​​Newborn n' Infant Photography Session

Capture your Lil' Miracle of Life in the first few months...this time passes by before we know it and we always wish we could have it back.​​​ The birth of a child is a very special day in the life of parents and the family and as you hold your lil' bundles, I believe everyone should have the joy of having the memory captured forever. 

You can choose to do the session at home or at the studio. We would need to setup a perfect environment in terms of natural light and a comfortable temperature. The session usually takes 4-5 hours, but is totally dependent on the comfort of the baby and mommy. If required, we can spread the session over 2 days.

Maternity Photography Session

Capture the special feelings of this precious phase in your life. With "Lil' Addition" on the way, it's is a great time to pamper one-self and look the Beautiful "Mommy To Be". 

The shoot is best done outdoors if health permits, else you can choose to do the session at home. These sessions always prove to be a great time for the family to huddle up before the little ones arrival. My aim is to help create these memories for you through photographs that focus on capturing the joy and celebration of the new life to be.

Family Photography Session

"The Family is one of natures masterpieces" - George Santayana. In all my family sessions, I aspire to capture pure love and natural connection in a simple and artistic style. 

This session is best done outdoors and is all about having a good time together. We will choose an outdoor location near your place and the idea is to relax, have fun and let the candid times flow! The photo shoot usually takes around 3-4 hrs. 

​​Infant sessions are for babies over two months. They are now less likely to sleep through the session and so curling them up for newborn poses is usually not possible. ​It is now time to start documenting the milestones within the first few years...from the toothless grin to the first toothed smile, the stable crawl to the wobbly first steps.